Are you bored of the same outdated designs of mehndi? Are you searching for a simple mehndi design? If yes, then we have got you wrapped.
Mehndi has permanently been an essential part of Indian festivities and celebrations. Traditionally, it was used to deliver relief from the hot summer months and also to guard off evil spirits. Our article lists 12 stunning best simple mehndi designs which have been in trend these days. These simple designs will give you inspiration for concepts for all the essential occasions/ceremonies. So, Let’s start right away.


12 Simple Mehndi Designs


1. The traditional design:


The traditional design, best simple mehndi designs


Nothing can go worst with this simple mehndi design comprising all the prime motifs that have been conventionally used for making a simple mehndi design. Begin with a dot. Add a few semi-circles. Fill in gaps with particulars like vines, leaves, or teardrops. Also, add in a few dots and paisleys and you are ready steady go. This design demands your creative juices flow. This mehndi design can also be stretched to make it a full-hand mehndi also. Choose a design on the backhand that balances this and you are all ready for the big event.


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2. Simple bridal mehndi with open spaces:


Simple bridal mehndi with open spaces


One of the finest simple and easy bridal mehndi designs is the one with open spaces. This may look complicated initially but is a comparatively easy design. The designs keep on going over, around the flowers at the center. Watch the use of open spaces which puts the attention on the flowers.




3. Latest bridal mehndi:


Latest bridal mehndi


Having a dominant design and then having a complicated net and flower-created design can be a very decent choice for bridal mehndi. The strokes on the arms split up the designs and make them look different.



4. Bridal mehndi design with a central design:


Bridal mehndi design with a central design, best simple mehndi designs


Bridal mandala patterns are always in trend. This dark mehndi with the chief design at the center appears to be fabulous. Note the utilization of open spaces and color in this modest mehndi which makes this an exclusive design. Popularly known as the best bridal mehndi designer, we focus on latest and beautiful mehndi designs for wedding and other occasions.


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5. Simple bridal mehndi net design:


Simple bridal mehndi net design


This front-hand bridal mehndi is so effortless to create. The net designs on the arms together with flowers on the hands keep this design minimal and unique. If you are considering a bridal mehndi design but do not want it to be a difficult design, then this can be an incredible option.


6. Full-hand simple bridal mehndi:


Full-hand simple bridal mehndi


This whole hand mehndi design is spot-on for brides who are searching for simple designs and not complicated ones. The harmonizing patterns of the net and flowers are worn on each palm while continuing symmetry to make this design look stylish.



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7. Bridal mehndi with names:


Bridal mehndi with names, best simple mehndi designs


If you are searching for an idea for simple henna designs for brides with names carved in them, then probably you have got one. You can use names or even letters when applying this mehndi design depending upon personal taste and choice. The recurring and symmetrical motifs make this design exceptional.


8. Multi-patterned and elegant:


Multi-patterned and elegant


This stylish simple henna design is ideal for wives-to-be who want to crash into a balance between traditions and innovativeness. It comprises leaves, floral motifs, jaalidaar patterns, and also an attractive play of daring and light strokes. The obvious empty spaces additionally add to the up-to-date of this design.



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9. Latest mehndi designs with flowers:


Latest mehndi designs with flowers


Every latest mehndi designs are massively creative. They use old-style patterns incorporating flowers and geometric patterns and still be able to look at something very distinct from what has been frequently drawn. This lovely and easy mehndi design is one such unique take on flower designs where one flower is bounded by similar tinier flowers.



10. Sheer elegance:


Sheer elegance, best simple mehndi designs


Concentric circles brought back to life with dotted high points look so comforting to the eyes. Besides, the look-alike belted designs on fingers are precisely done. Nevertheless, the bracelet portion is yet another best part of the appealing thing in this design on your hands.



11. Easy mehndi design depicting bride and groom:


Easy mehndi design depicting bride and groom


Even if this design extends from the fingers to the elbows, it includes small and easy-to-draw components also. The area which is generally occupied by complicated drawings denoting the bride and groom is here given as the hashtag for the marriage. This easy mehndi design is without any doubt in sync with contemporary times and culture.


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12. Beautiful mehndi design with peacocks:


Beautiful mehndi design with peacocks


A mehndi design without a peacock is unimaginable. Peacocks are gorgeous and royal birds. This is the reason why they have booked a place in mehndi design anyone can recall. This specific simple mehndi design initiates with a semicircle to the side of the hand and procures a complete form with the peacock pattern. Various other designs are added to fill some of the gaps but not all of them to let the peacock pattern take the limelight of the whole mehndi.

Show off this fast, easy, and best simple mehndi designs at any big event or party! Save these simple mehndi designs for upcoming events and attract everyone’s attention to your stunning simple designs, because BEAUTY LIES IN SIMPLICITY!!!


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