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The essence of Mehndi is wonderful. It is one of a kind. Mehndi has always been a symbol of goodness and compassion. We take this further by providing stylish mehndi designs to all our customers. Being the best mehandi artist in delhi, customer satisfaction and appreciation are the mottoes of Ram Kumar Mehandi. For more than 30 years, we are delivering the best Mehndi designs to our clients in India and the Middle East.

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Designer Bridal Mehndi

Mehandi is applied on hands-on different occasions. It spreads its vibrance in an unexplainable way. We are the bridal mehndi artists who are here to deliver the best quality to our customers. The knowledge of a bridal mehndi designer matters, and we take care of that for you. The agility and vibrance of any occasion can be enhanced by a better Mehandi design. So, what are you waiting for? Hire the best mehandi artist in delhi for your mehandi ceremony now!

Cultural Significance Of Mehandi

Mehandi is obtained from plants. Mehandi, besides being an amazing

natural portion, extends its cultural significance as being a symbol of love

and prosperity. Wedding mehndi designs have a deep cultural significance.

Different Types of Mehandi by the Best Mehandi Artist in Delhi

  1. White

The color aspect of Mehandi has also diversified with time. Now we see Mehandi in the white shade as well. This has gained a certain prominence and helped gather the attention of teens especially. The white style goes well with different kinds of outfits. It adds glamour to the complete look.

2. Colorful

To yield much more and varsity, Mehandi is also available in a variety of colors. Yes, the colored Mehandi is a bit expensive as compared to the basic one, but it would give a brighter and smarter tone to your hands every time.

3. Basic

The basic Mehandi is the normal brown shade that the Mehandi forms after being applied for quite some time. It is the most commonly used style and yet quite popular till present. This kind of Mehandi is a popular type among wedding mehndi designs.

Mehandi and Wedding

No wedding is completed without Mehandi style. Therefore Mehandi rasam was started. Once this is done, fruits, nuts, and pastries would be brought out and songs would be vocalized with the motive of making the bride cry. This was done because it was believed that the bride’s weeping would bring good fortune. The bride would then sit on a cushion while her mother-in-law positioned a gold coin in her hand as another hint of good luck. Once the bride was given the gold coin, the Mehandi would be applied. The person who applied the Mehandi was always someone who was already recognized to be merrily wedded. The person would apply the Mehandi onto the bride’s palms, fingers, and toes. The Mehandi was made from dried Mehandi leaves, and the process of requisition took a long time. Wedding mehndi designs are recognizable. For this reason, it was indicated that it be applied between thirty-two and forty-eight hours before the wedding so that it may have enough time to tint the skin. In addition to the bride, most women at the mehndi ceremony also put the Mehandi in their hands for an aesthetic look.

Mehandi by Ram Kumar Mehandi

As the best Mehandi artist in Delhi, we always deliver a service of value. The designer bridal mehndi we provide helps in creating a better experience for customers. We have a wide variety of designs and the art is performed by professionals who are experts in this Mehandi art field. We assure to be a reliable bridal mehndi artist who takes extra care of each step of Mehandi.