Are you wondering about the harmful effects of chemical mehndi on your skin? Well, you’re right, chemical mehndi has its side effects, especially when you’re a bride and want to have a dark mehndi at your wedding. To avoid harmful chemicals for your bridal mehndi, you should go for organic mehndi for hands for your wedding. Yes, there are numerous benefits of organic mehndi including beautiful designs and dark colors. As a bridal mehndi artist for more than 30 years, we recommend organic mehndi.

Let Us Read More About Organic Mehndi For Hands And Its Benefits: 

  • Nail quality: Treating nails with mehndi is also effective as the space under the nails is a sensitive location for bacterial presence and infections. Mehndi also helps with the minor cuts on the hands and feet.


  • Reduces hair loss: Applying mehndi with curds or oil also prevents hair loss as it might increase the efficiency of the treatment.


  • Hair color: Mehndi is a natural dye such that it is also used as a hair color as the natural color of the mehndi is red.


  • Hair health: Mehndi when applied to hairs has many benefits including dandruff removal, strong hairs, shiny hairs, preventing split-ends, etc.


  • Fever reducing: Mehndi is cool so according to the ayurvedic tradition, due to its antipyretic properties, mehndi is useful in cooling down the fever.


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Benefits Of Organic Mehndi For Hands:


benefits of organic mehndi for hands


Preparing for weddings and festivals is a difficult task that can easily cause increased body heat. This leads to physical exhaustion and throws the digestive cycle into disarray, causing various stomach issues. These complications hinder the ability to have fun. Thus, it is for this reason, as very few know, that henna is applied to the skin. Henna functions as an all-natural coolant that aids in the release of excess body heat. Furthermore, henna provides relief from head and stomach pain.

  • Mehndi when applied to hands works against various types of skin-related ailments. It has been proven effective against skin problems like itching, burns, and eczema and is spread because of its anti-bacterial properties. In addition, it also helps in soothing the burning sensation of blisters.


  • Applying mehndi on hands in the form of various bridal mehndi designs helps in maintaining blood pressure and directly contributes to maintaining the health of the heart.


organic mehndi for hands


  • By applying mehndi on the hands you are allowing it to come in contact with the vein via the hand surface and because of its anti-inflammatory effects, it allows the proper flow of blood. Thus, making sure that the blood pressure is normal.


tips to darken mehndi


Why Organic Mehndi Instead Of Chemical Mehndi?


Well, this one is most obvious. You can easily tell the difference between what is natural and what is made of chemical ingredients. Although chemical mehndi is odorless, it sometimes has a paraffin-type smell.


  • Chemical mehndi causes contact dermatitis when applied in some cases but the pure form of mehndi does not cause any health complications instead organic mehndi helps with certain skin allergies.


  • Chemical mehndi are made of added chemical ingredients called PPD. It is a powerful allergen and its contact with sin might trigger an allergic reaction. For occasions, this might be a problem which is why the mehndi artists prefer organic mehndi instead of chemical mehndi.


  • As mehndi is well known in the Indian culture, there are many many artists around the country. The most famous is the mehndi artist of Delhi and the mehndi artists of Pune. These artists work mainly on occasions such as festivals and weddings.


  • There are different designs of mehndi. As a wedding is considered a big event, there are different wedding mehndi designs and it is a particular category known as bridal mehndi design. There are different wedding mehndi designs for both feet and hands. We, Ram Kumar Mehandi Art are the most renowned mehandi artist in delhi because of our organic mehndi, beautiful designs and dark color mehndi. We offer a lot of mehndi designs for different occasions such as weddings, festivals, and events and are good at making them as well. Also, our pace of applying mehndi is comparatively fast and efficient. Our mehandi artists are preferred for events such that the chances of ruining the design are less. The designs can be full hand, single vine, flowers, etc depending upon how big the occasion is or the person’s choice.


  • Since we know that the use of chemicals on the skin and body is harmful and should be avoided, natural products must be used. This is the case with mehndi. Chemical mehndi should be avoided and instead of that organic mehndi for hands and feet should be used. It has greater benefits for the skin.


  • Mainly for wedding mehndi designs, people nowadays prefer organic mehndi, it is a paste form filled in the cones such that no allergic reactions are possible. As it is not affordable the bride is suffering from allergic reactions on her wedding day. Plus the smell might cause the reddening of an eye in the case of chemical mehndi, so organic mehndi is mostly used for that purpose.


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Mehndi has various healing and antiseptic properties for the body. When we use organic mehndi for hands, it maintains blood circulation as mehndi is cool. When mehndi is applied on the hands and feet which are the nerve endings of the body, organic mehndi cools the nerves down resulting in relieving the stress and tension. That is why in different cultures mehndi is used for different festivals and occasions. There are different designs for different occasions, Arabian mehndi design, Indian mehndi design, Wedding mehndi design, Moroccan mehndi design, Jewelry mehndi design, etc.


why organic mehndi


Why Ram Kumar Mehandi Art for Your Mehndi? 

Different occasions have different moods. Each customer has personal choices and we entertain them all. Be it bridal mehandi, party purpose, modern designs or tattoo art, we have the excellence in all. We believe in living up to the expectations of our customers and delivering only the best.


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