As the season of festivals and weddings arise, the henna art is what takes a toll on everyone’s mind. If you are a mehndi lover seeking an extravagant and mesmerizing mehandi design, then this is the article you can give a read. Henna’s enthusiasm is a never-ending craze. And when we are talking about henna, how can we forget to explore the top paisley mehndi designs. Design components like flowers, beads, peacocks, vines and paisleys add extra charm to your overall mehndi layout. One of the most popular and trendy mehndi designs to look out for are, none other than paisley mehndi designs.

Top Paisley Mehndi designs to Look for:  


  1. The Chaadar and Paisley Pattern: 


paisley mehndi designs


What differentiates a basic paisley mehndi from an incredible one is its design and style. Therefore it goes without saying that a bride that has a distinctive style will want to integrate two or more patterns to forge something remarkable and enchanted for the special day. 

This paisley mehndi is one such collection that incorporates the famous Chadar pattern and blends it with another well-known and wanted pattern which is mehndi paisley.

It is intricate, beautiful, and sits well on every bridal. The paisley in the norm is mainly the focal point which is accompanied by a delicate cross chadar pattern at the top. 


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  1. The Famous Trinkets of Paisley: 


Mehndi patterns that look like delicate jewelry or accessories are something that millennial brides have always been interested in. It is unique and yet very traditional. Therefore this paisley mehndi pattern that has been designed to look like a bride’s foot jewelry makes for a fascinating choice for our brides who like to go all in. The pattern involves a high degree of attention to every detail. Paisley’s design makes the Mehandi art unique and the choice of every bride today. Paisley’s design is both simple and indifferent. It lifts the spirit of the festive celebration and also enhances the beauty of the hand. 



benefits of henna on hands



  1. Arabic Hand Paisley: 


arabic hand paisley


Arabic paisley design is another type of hand paisley mehandi art. It is also one of the most popular mehndi designs that brides go for. They can be minimalistic and also sophisticated depending on the techniques that brides choose to go for.  Arabic mehndi, however, can be specified with thicker and border outer designs with lighter filling inside. The best mehandi artist in delhi is there to add superfluous elementary beauty to your celebration by decorating your hands with paisley designs.

And when brides choose to go for paisley mehndi in Arabic contour it without a doubt becomes the most attractive design to look at.  So if Arabic mehndi is your style then go with paisleys to enhance the design and propose our hands to look exceptional for the occasion. 



  1. Arabic Feet Paisley:

Just like the hands, the Arabic pattern with paisley mehndi in the feet is over-dramatic and lovely to look at. At one point or the other, everyone wants to be the center of attraction. These exquisite mehndi designs allow you to spread an extra degree of cheerfulness and happiness. It is the ongoing trend that makes you inclusive of society’s fashion choices and ways. And after all, this undoubtedly is one such mehndi design that suits every bride’s foot. 



  1. Full leg Paisley: 


full leg paisley, paisley mehndi designs


Full leg Paisley is made throughout the legs. Have you heard of full-body mehndi designs today? Well, people nowadays are thinking beyond hands and feet when it comes to mehndi. Our brides are however known to usually play it safe. But for the ones that do not aspire to play it safe can contemplate this full leg paisley mehndi as it is recent in its style and also incredibly appealing at the same time. The wreath details add to its design and make it look complete. 



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  1. Palm Paisley:

As the name suggests, palm paisley designs target the center of the hand and not the whole hand. They are focused on the palm and carry their elegance each time.

If you are planning to apply a henna design to the hands of our little daughter, then you can choose the palm paisley style and add to the creativity and innovation of the patterns.

You can start by drawing a simple flower and elaborate it with a wreath design. There is no doubt about the fact that your little one would love the handmade design and also would look adorable on her. And guess what? Not just females but males are also shifting and being influenced by simple palm paisley. We see grooms getting palm paisley designs happily. This style adds the essence of applying henna and at the same time keeps your hand a little less filled. In other words, neither does it get boring nor is it cluttered. In this way, paisley patterns give the touch of perfection and auspiciousness.



We hope these paisley designs help you make the right choice. So do not wait, choose the style and beautify your hands with these top paisley mehndi designs.


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